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Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro: Benchmarks, Specs Comparison 2011

“For all the Apple MacBook enthusiasts, which are you going to vote for, the lightweight quality-oriented MacBook Air or the compact tech-wise MacBook Pro”? To give you a fully-loaded assessment, here is the evaluative comparison-contrast between the MacBook Air and […]

Latest iPhone Competitors List : iPhone Killer Comparison 2011-2012

So far, the iPhone has been dominating the smart phone market since its launch in 2007. But as technology improves and innovations become more and more creative, competitors are developing handsets that can challenge the iPhone. Mainstream smartphone manufacturers tailored their […]


New Samsung Series 7, a Slate PC – Review, Release Date, Price

At first look you might really think it’s a tablet – it’s slate in form, has a full touch screen, thin and portable – but it’s features and capabilities will make you think again. Yes, it’s not your average iPad […]

Known MacBook Pro Problems & Issues: Trackpad, Wireless and Display Problems

MacBook Pro, the most recent line of portable computers from Macintosh received great feedbacks from reviewers during its launch in early 2006. The latest from the line, the MacBook Pro 8, released last February 2011, featured the new Intel dual-core […]


New Samsung Stratosphere 4G Official USA Release Date and Price for Verizon

The Samsung Stratosphere is one of the most rumored phones from Samsung recently. Its release date was postponed twice. Finally, an official release date for this smartphone has been confirmed. This October 13, 2011, the Samsung Stratosphere will be available […]

Known iPhone 4 Problems & Issues List

Apple’s iPhone is currently deemed the world’s best-selling smartphone. It is famous for the FaceTime application, easy access to media and online resources, and of course, for several applications which can only be associated with the name Apple. iPhone 4 […]


Meet Sony Tablet P a.k.a. Sony S2 Tablet: Release Date, Specs, Price

Sony finally launched its long awaited tablet pc. It surprised fans not just with the unveiling of the long rumored Sony S1 tablet (officially Sony Tablet S) but also unveiled another Android tablet – the Sony Tablet P (a.k.a. Sony […]

Know the iPad: The iPad Screen Resolution and Size of the Screen

The ipad boasts its large touch screen capable of full touch operations – perfect experience for web browsing, viewing photos and watching movies. The screen not just shows off the inner technology but also its elegant design. iPad Screen Resolution […]


List of iPad Known Disadvantages – Cons of the iPad

UPDATE: Check out our latest article about iPad 2 problems The iPad hype hides some of the worst disadvantages a modern tablet PC has. Everybody is getting an iPad without considering its cons. Yet the following listed are commonly present on […]