Known MacBook Pro Problems & Issues: Trackpad, Wireless and Display Problems

MacBook Pro, the most recent line of portable computers from Macintosh received great feedbacks from reviewers during its launch in early 2006. The latest from the line, the MacBook Pro 8, released last February 2011, featured the new Intel dual-core i7 processor, an ultrafast Thunderbolt technology, and improved, spacious Multitouch track pad. It is available in 13, 15, and 17-inch models. However, users began noticing problems with the notebook, particularly with wireless connectivity, the track pad, and display aspects.

Trackpad Problems

The Multitouch track pad that is supposedly a feature of the notebook is turning out to be one of the major annoyances for MacBook Pro users. Users complain that a little contact with any part of the track pad while one finger is still on it will cause the cursor to jump from one place to another and also highlight parts of the text. Since the MacBook’s track pad is considerably wide, accidental tapping or swiping occurs frequently. Normally, a user who gets fed up with this will just disable the tap-to-click feature. MacBook Pro Trackpad Problems The latest MacBook however, doesn’t have any button on its trackpad. So basically, the only means of clicking is through tapping. People see this as more of a software issue or a bug on the track pad driver rather than on the track pad itself.

Wi-Fi issues

When the topic is about the MacBook pro, threads in support forums will always center on the notebook’s faulty wireless connectivity. According to user reports, the notebook can’t maintain a good connection. A few seconds after establishing one, signal will drop and the computer will be unable to connect though the signal bar of the network is full. Some people thought it is the update of the Mac OS, but this idea was found wrong when the same problem was also reported with earlier versions. Customers who called Apple Support were told that it was a just a problem of the router and not of the MacBook. But, of course, users cannot accept this reason since those who even tried different routers still had the same problem. Meanwhile, possible causes and workarounds are turning up in web discussions to temporarily fix this problem. Aside from the router, there were mentions of slow network speed, inability to recognize AirPort hardware, and poor signal strength as causes of the problem.

MacBook Pro Wireless(WiFi) Problems

Display Problems

Several complaints about the MacBook’s display are about the total screen blackout. For some unknown reason, users will boot up their notebooks and just face a blank screen. In some cases, rebooting will restore the display; but most of the time, it will just remain black even after restart. According to reports, this often occurs after installing a firmware update so people assume that that is the cause. Others also think it has something to do with the NVIDIA graphics processor. All users can do for this is contact Apple and hope for a fix. Many users also described annoying vertical white strips that flicker on the screen. Shifting the position of the screen makes them disappear for a while but they just return after a few seconds.

Other Macbook Pro Problems and Issues

Other issues of the MacBook Pro include splintering top cover, wedged CD/DVD drives, bad battery, and distorted video.