Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro: Benchmarks, Specs Comparison 2011

“For all the Apple MacBook enthusiasts, which are you going to vote for, the lightweight quality-oriented MacBook Air or the compact tech-wise MacBook Pro”? To give you a fully-loaded assessment, here is the evaluative comparison-contrast between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro flushing all the areas from the exterior and interior designs to performance, specifications and attributes. See for yourselves which claims the edge over the other: Macbook Air V.S Macbook Pro
  • In terms of portability and convenience, MacBook Air gets the advantage over the MacBook Pro due to its smaller size which is preferable to have especially by users who always travel and work area-based.
  • Speaking of the processor and rate of speeds, MacBook Pro prevails over the MacBook Air. The Air comes with Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz SU9400 processor, a 1.8 GHz SU9600 processor, or a 1.86 GHz SL9400 processor, while the Macbook Pro, on the other hand, can be operated by an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz processor, a 2.53 GHz processor, a 2.66 GHz processor and a 2.86 GHz processor. Combined with the i5 and i7 processors, when these are supplanted with the amount of RAM (4 GB for MacBook Air and 8 GB for MacBook Pro), the MacBook Pro will totally get much faster speeds.
  • Concerning the battery life, MacBook Pro has 9 hours power while the MacBook Air has 7 hour battery life. Even though the Pro entails more time power, the MacBook Air is in the first rank. This is because of the capacity of the whole computer itself despite of its smaller size. The two-hour deficiency is not proportional to the size deficiency therefore making the Air more lasting than the Pro.
  • For graphical intensity, MacBook Pro has a better value than the MacBook Air. Pro comes with a 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 300 M graphics card whereas the Air comes only with a 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 320 M graphics card. This only indicates that MacBook Air has a less graphic power than the MacBook Pro.
  • Observing the hard disk capacity, MacBook Pro still enunciates its superiority over the MacBook Air. Pro comes with a 500 GB hard disk while the Air only provides a flash storage ranging to 256 GB.
  • Comparing between hassle-free and lag-free performances, it has been proven that MacBook Air is in the upper hand. Due to its compressed and condensed interior, data transfer and info collection are operated without any interruptions. Moreover, MacBook Air boots faster than the MacBook Pro even if it’s been weeks or months unopened.
  • MacBook Air and MacBook Pro draw the line equally with them for performance-wise and application functions. They perform nearly identical to each other.
  • The MacBook Pro victors on features but only at a little degree. Pro entails a larger hard drive and a DVD optical drive with an HD Webcam and added accordingly with a FireWire port and Ethernet Jack making the computer a little bit more efficient than the Air.
  • The MacBook Air has a higher resolution (1440x900 pixel) than the MacBook Pro (1280x800 pixel) enhancing the widespread vision.
  • When money matters most, MacBook Pro is of better value than the MacBook Air. The two versions of the Air an 11-inch costing $999 and a 13-inch model that costs $1299. On the other side, the three versions of the Pro, a 13-incher, a 15-incher and a 17-incher cost $1199, $1799 and $2499 respectively. There are no complaints about the prices however; comparing the thirteen-inch models of both MacBooks, the Pro which is bigger and more feature-oriented is cheaper saving you a hundred dollars.
  • Air’s more powerful and sophisticated interior makes it a viable and a handy laptop that can exist on its own.
Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are impressive greatly-featured and workable devices for Mac laptop fanatics. The decision of choosing between the two is only affected on what property the user prefers, may it be: lightness or graphics, endurance over weight, performance over price, speed or content and quality or trend. Nevertheless, either of the two you may choose, you still got the “Apple Brand”.