The Next iPod Touch 5 New Features: 3D Application? | Updates

Avatar, Superman Returns, Beowulf, Harry Potter, Bolt, Saw, Toy story 3, Pirates of the Caribbean… their common denominator, 3D. Three-dimension (3D) is a motion picture which is derived from two perspectives. Most of the movies produced today come in both regular screen and 3D. As the trend for 3D is inevitably going high, even home appliances such a television are being produced with 3D capability. When going to movie houses/cinemas, one will need a special eye glasses to watch the movie in 3D. With the available technology today, people won’t need eye glasses to see images pop out of the screen. Sharp and Toshiba are two of the producers of ‘glasses-free 3D’, featured on their products. And Apple is on its way to be next in line. Recently, Apple has managed to receive a U.S. patent for its three-dimensional system Because of Apple ipod touch’s reputation as a gaming platform and pocket pc, it is believed that it will be the fitting gadget to have a 3D. Its multimedia capabilities also give a better notch for being chosen as a 3D gadget phone.

Aside from providing 3D holographic display, reports suggest that Apple plan to provide its gadgets capability to take pictures and videos in 3D. iPod Touch 5 3D These reports may not just improve the quality of products of Apple but at the same time, change the way people view reality. Consumers will have a more realistic experience in using these futuristic gadgets. And moreover, these gadgets may be used without being bothered by special glasses but at the same time, still produce high quality 3D images.

Apple continues to surprise the world. With this reported new technology, they might again set a trend in the technological world and as a bonus, win the hearts of its consumers. And probably next time, you won’t need to pay for a $10 3D movie. Just hold on to your Apple gadget and watch the movie, for free!