Latest iPhone Models List | Comparison of Different Versions | 4G, 3GS, 3G

The first generation iPhone was unveiled way back in June 2007. Now, this smartphone from Apple is on its 4th generation – iPhone 4. Prior to the iPhone 4 are iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and the original iPhone first generation. Here’s a comparison of all different models. (Also, see the chart of specs comparison at the end of this post)

iPhone 4

Apple announced the fourth generation (4G) iPhone in June 2010. The smartphone became officially available few weeks later in the United States as well as in the UK, Germany, France and Japan. There have been great improvements from the previous versions. Some of the noticeable hardware differences compared to the previous models include: an insulated stainless steel frame for the iPhone that functions as the antenna, a new iPhone A4 processor that has significantly enhanced the device’ speed, an increased in size of RAM, and higher camera resolution.

iphone 4 (iphone 4g)

The iPhone 4 connects on GSM network and was exclusively available for AT&T prior to Apple’s announcement on January 2011 of a new variant, the iP0hne 4 CDMA, which is made available on Verizon Wireless.

iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS, also known as the third generation iPhone, is the iPhone model prior to the latest iPhone 4. It was released on June 2009 in the United States and other countries. This version is still available and on production though.

iphone 3GS | iphone third generation

The iPhone 3GS succeeded the iPhone 3G. The  “S”, from the model name 3GS, implies an improved iPhone “Speed”. Thus new features are focused on hardware components that deliver the promised speed. Prices for the 3GS has greatly reduced when the iPhone 4 was released.

iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G is the second generation iPhone released in June 2007. Support and production for this unit has already been discontinued. This iPhone model is pretty much similar to its predecessor except to the new 3G feature. Price for this version has been reduced when its 3GS successor arrived. The iPhone 3G has been made the budget iPhone model during that time.

iPhone (Original)

The iPhone’s success is dated back in 2007 when Apple unveiled their first iPhone smartphone. The original iPhone or iPhone first generation’s success can be attributed to its revolutionary touchscreen. iPhone's development began way back in 2005 when a team of Apple engineers started researching the possibility of developing a multi touchscreen on a mobile device. These days, support and production of this version has been halted. Priority has been shifted to the succeeding versions.

Comparison Chart

IPhone 4

iPhone 3GS IPhone 3G IPhone (Original) 
Variant iPhone 4 GSM IPhone 4 CDMA
Release Date June 2010 July 2011 June 2009 June 2009 June 2007
Operating System iOS 4.0 iOS 4.2.6 iOS 3.0 iOS 2.0 iOS 1.0
Display 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen(640) x (960) pixels 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen(320) x (480) pixels 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen(320) x (480) pixels 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen(320) x (480) pixels
Processor 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8Apple A4 chipset 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 412 MHz processor 412 MHz processor
Memory 512 RAM16 or 32 GB storage 256 MB RAM8, 16, or 32 GB storage 128 MB RAM8 or 16 GB storage 128 MB RAM8 or 16 GB storage
Data Connectivity GPRSEDGE N/A WiFi b/g3G Bluetooth USB 2.0 WiFi b/g3G Bluetooth USB 2.0 WiFi b/gBluetooth USB 2.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n3G Bluetooth USB 2.0
Cameras 5 MegapixelLED Flash Secondary camera present 3.15 Megapixelno secondary camera 2.0 Megapixelno secondary camera 2.0 Megapixelno secondary camera